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Thank you very much Wycombe Webworks for this video reminding us all that it is YOUR  JOB to FIT YOUR   WEBSITE to your  customer.

You  had better know him or her inside and out. You had better make  your service offerings  clear – WHAT  you do – HOW  you do-it and  HOW MUCH IT COSTS.Remember-you don’t go to Walmart to buy a 5 carat diamond or Bulgari to buy a toilet seat.

Step Lively Remember- the accelerated pace of  Web –time/ clicks are literally  money and  MILLIONS of other sites are competing  for your customer

If you don’t have viewer traffic converted to sales it is quite likely  your web presence does not “GRAB ” the viewer in the first 5 ( count ’em 5 ) seconds- yes- the window is SMALL.Yes- you need to GRAB….

Very likely you need a new web presence – with video – with a ton of new tech advances  you do not even know about; Updating is what we did  at SBI , with the  invaluable  help of David Frith  of Wycombe Webworks; after 13 plus years of  serving the  business and adult educational community it is more than time for us to update our look -you will see LOTS of changes and events in the coming weeks


Best Regards, 

Maxine Pearson

Executive Director

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