How to Partner with SBI

How to Partner with us: Fortune 1000 to Government TO EB-5 Participants

The Strategic Business Institute is delighted to offer the SBI student body and executive education participants the opportunity to meet the top decision makers from a wide scope of industries both from the USA and globally.
We also offer our Fortune 1000 colleges the opportunity to have a sneak peek into the world of pre-release technology – and to meet one on one the Wunderkinder that makes things happen very exciting.

We are a Nonprofit Business College (501c3) looking for talented people who have videos,
e-books, webinars or other services which we can promote through our emailing’s or our websites, online newspaper or online streaming TV station, so we can promote you to our 100K+ prospects.  We do not have any upfront charges.  Our market is Business to Business.

Please indicate (which if any) items we can use for free as promotional items to continue building our list of 100K+ business professionals and which items we would have to charge a fee for.  Then decide what the sales price would be and what percentage split we will be able to receive for the marketing of your products or services.